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About KIN Systems


Our Company was founded in 1996 with the intent to become a leader in business and technology innovation. Unique combination of technical expertise and industry experience allowed KIN Systems to provide services to a number of industry leaders and growth companies and to complete a wide array of challenging projects.

Our executive staff has razor-sharp Vision, strong Leadership ability, and meticulous Organizational skills, with the distinct ability to see the ‘big picture’ clearly while maintaining relentless attention to details.


Financial Calculation ImageKIN Systems principals have a personal commitment to maintaining cutting edge expertise in the latest technologies and tracking recent industry trends. We are keeping up with the latest developments in science and industry innovation in web, mobile, wireless, computer networking, and health care.

Our experts will assist you in cutting through the flurry of Bubble 2.0 buzzwords and fads to discover specific and actionable market opportunities and underlying technology requirements that leverage your existing capabilities and identify particular needs for new development.

We believe in transparency of the development process, in successive refinement and staged delivery, including an early prototype and a pilot midway through the project. You will be able to assess actual development progress and production system readiness, rather than reviewing offline paper reports that become obsolete before they are completed.

KIN Systems often starts a substantial project with a separate short-term engagement in order to hone the problem statement and to produce an assessment of feasibility, a likely approach, and a rough sizing of effort. Of course, we can also take part in an ongoing project, develop or deploy a component, or provide top-notch technical or project management talent to shore-up your staffing needs.


Arrows ImageWe know what we know and what we do not and will never forget that you are the domain expert in your industry and in your market.

With uncanny ability to form meaningful human interactions in the context of work assignments, we aim to align individual interests, skill sets, and personal strengths. We interact with stakeholders at every level, showing genuine interest and respect for their unique perspectives, which invariably produces mutual engagement, creates trust, and facilitates flow of information.


Globe ImageOur staff combines over a century of experience solving complex problems and designing state-of-the-art systems. Enthusiastic, brilliant, and versatile, we possess a broad range of expertise and capabilities.

Past engagements with industry giants, GE, Qualcomm, Yahoo, Cisco, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Siemens, Abbot Labs, Globespan, and Agilent, prepared our key contributors for tackling a project of any size and duration and of great complexity.


Chart ImageOur pragmatic approach to developing technical solutions overcomes typical engineering not-invented-here (NIH) trap. We will support your ability to make objective, optimal, and defensible build-or-buy decisions using COTS components. In working with vendors and subcontractors, we negotiate and track complex contractual arrangements. Our staff is experienced in managing outsourcing scenarios and coordinating multinational teams across time zones and corporate cultures.

We demonstrate consist commitment to our customers' business goals and loyalty to our industry partners. In short, we get it done, to your satisfaction, when you need it.


KIN Systems is a great source of industry expertise. They helped us on several projects, quickly and to the point.

Nick Trendov, SpeedSynch

Good team, with consistent results. Would use them again, without hesitation.

Gene Avakyan, Spark Networks


Mobile Apps Validation

May 20, 2015, San Diego, CA
KIN Systems provided UX validation and pre-launch readiness testing for several Android Mobile Apps: private Market for Enterprise Mobile apps; Food venue discounting Mobile app and online service.

Toronto Film Festival

April 24, 2014, Toronto, ON
KIN Systems was selected to design a contest platform for submission of community-generated video shorts, to be judged and presented at the Festival in the Fall of 2014.