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Technology Insight

Your source for industry vision, market strategy, business decision support, and technical design, implementation and deployment.


Business and Project Consulting

CDROM ImageKIN Systems provides high impact Business Consulting and Technical Design services. We can help you with problem decomposition and use case analysis, plus product definition and specification.

Knowing how to interview, connect, and collaborate with subject area experts in ways that that respect their outlook, permits us to ask the right questions and doggedly pursue complete answers. You will be presented with alternatives and be able to make well-informed key decisions in a timely manner.

Our staff expertly manages schedule and budget and plans and executes product implementation, validation, and deployment. We will apply principles of Lean business and use techniques of Agile development and Scrum. Based on first-hand experience with assembling and growing multidisciplinary engineering teams, we can optimize synergy of complementary traits and build on individual contributor strengths and skill sets.

Mobile and Wireless

Image MobileOur company has in-depth knowledge of the Mobile and Wireless communication industry and technology.

We possess an unmatched depth of expertise in Android and iPhone mobile apps, including support for Location Based Services (LBS) services. Our wealth of experience in component and ASIC selection, design, and implementation of cellular handsets can benefit integration and performance optimization efforts.

High Technology

Image ChipsKIN Systems has expert level of understanding of thelatest advances in core aspects of high technology and in the complexities of system design and integration of hardware, firmware, and system and application software. These include:

Healthcare Industry

Image HealthcareWe possess experience working in a clinical setting and understand the regulatory climate of the Healthcare and Medical Devices industry. In particular, our staff knows in detail imaging and laboratory diagnostic modalities, as well as their integration into patient records and hospital information systems (HIS).


Skills and expertise