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Your source for industry vision, market strategy, business decision support, and technical design, implementation and deployment.


By leveraging our deep technical expertise and wide range of experience, KIN Systems will assist you in honing your vision and in mapping a successful strategy that reflects the relentless pace of industry innovation and markets that are changing at an ever increasing speed.

Based on relevant and up-to-date information and analysis we help you assess the opportunity and formulate a cutting edge approach.



KIN Systems is a premier provider of sophisticated technological solutions to industries based on scientific innovation.

We champion comprehensive product definition and then architect and design complex systems that will assure your market leadership and continued business success.



We work closely with your marketing and technical staff and internal IT team to design, architect, implement, deploy in the field, and maintain products developed to your specifications and reflecting your actual business needs.

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Our elite group of seasoned Silicon Valley veterans will provide you with complete visibility and will assist in rapidly making well-informed business and technical decisions. This leaves you in control at every step of the project and mitigates implementation risk.. We insist on staying agile and making rapid progress at every stage of the engagement.

Pragmatic and results-oriented, KIN Systems experts deliver clear value by utilizing your existing staff and infrastructure, aggressively re-purposing industry and legacy solutions, and demanding measurable performance from vendors and collaborators. We expect to benefit from your success and look forward to establishing long-term business relationships based on measurable results and rooted in honesty and trust.


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